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Who We Are
REDSTAR BRANDED is a collection of products and services exclusive to REDSTAR, LLC. We are committed to serving our agricultural producers while leading them in their crop production plans throughout the growing cycle. We strive to provide quality tested and high performance products that meet or exceed our customers needs and expectations. Our greatest intent is building lasting relationships with our customers – our most valuable asset. 


What We Do
Genetic potential, production systems and nutrient technology continue to evolve and outpace understanding. With REDSTAR BRANDED we strive to help our customers understand Foundational Agronomy and its impact on the decisions you make each year. Each farm is different and every field is unique. We work with our customers to help them understand how to read and interpret a soil test and help them understand the nutrient demands for that crop at the right time and right place. Our goal is to help customers understand the “Why” of their fertility plans and programs to maximize their production and return on investment.


What We Offer
The REDSTAR BRANDED product line includes Biologicals, Seed Treatments, Liquid Starters, Micronutrients, Foliar Fertilizers, Amino Acids, Adjuvants, and more. All products in the REDSTAR BRANDED line-up were specifically created to provide customers with the right products for their fields and growing conditions.

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